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  • Year-To-Date Year-Over-Year Filter Options in Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

    September 28, 2020 by

    You can build a single dashboard along with the necessary source reports and allow the running user to choose their time frame with the ease and simplicity of selecting an option from a drop down menu. Up to 50 time frame options can be predefined using this method and you have complete control over the display values for those options. Easily compare the current year-to-date (or fiscal year-to-date) to the same time frame during the previous year. You can even show trends over multiple years.

  • Reporting on Duplicate Records

    September 1, 2020 by

    As admins we are responsible for maintaining the Salesforce Org and keeping it configured in an optimal manner. We are also tasked with dealing with sometimes less than enthusiastically diligent… Read more

  • Count the Number of Date Groups in a Report Dynamically

    June 25, 2020 by

    A report request comes in asking for a calculation showing the average number of records created in a week. The time frame for this report could be set to a few different values – like last year, last quarter, or over the course of the previous two years. Ideally, the calculation would be dynamic and count the number of weeks that are present in the report results so that these time frame adjustments can be made on the fly. Using a formula field on the object and a summary formula field within a report, you can dynamically count the number of date groups shown in the report results at run time. Let’s dive into the specifics on both pieces of this solution so you can implement it in your org for your use case.

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