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Summer ‘21 Forecast Improvements

Accurate Forecasting is critical to all businesses. It allows for strategic planning, cash flow predictability and overall business guidance. One longstanding complaint has been the lack of flexibility to customize Forecasting. With the Summer ’21 release we now have the ability to create and report on Forecasts Types based on custom fields along with an improved experience to manage Forecast Types. Let’s take a look at the new capabilities.

Forecast Types Improved Experience

From Setup we can search for ‘Forecast Types’ and are taken to a newly improved UI. From here we can create, edit and activate or deactivate our Forecast Types. An easy to use wizard launches and allows us to quickly add new or update existing Forecast Types. From here it is quicker than ever to edit the fields displayed from the Opportunity list on the Forecast page as well. We are still limited to four active Forecast Types which are based on amount or quantity from Opportunities, Opportunity Products or Line Item Schedules. This new Forecast Type administration is available in Lightning only.

Base Forecast Types on Custom Fields

Many companies base Forecasts and Quotas on custom fields. A very common example is having an ‘ARR’ or ‘MRR’ field on Opportunities that is different than the ‘Amount’. For these companies this alone prohibits them form using the standard Forecast module. Now the ability to base Forecast Types on custom fields exists. This works with fields with data type of currency or number only. The caveat with this is that this feature is only available for the Performance and Unlimited Editions of Lightning. If you’re looking for a similar feature for Professional and Enterprise edition that uses custom fields, KPIs and Quotas, stay tuned for an upcoming post on how to build a custom app to do so.

Check out the Release Notes here:



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Aaron is Founder & Principal at Hat-Trick Consulting. He works with companies around the world to help them achieve their Salesforce goals through administration, development and training services. A former sales director, Mr. Crear has extensive functional and technical expertise translating business requirements to technical solutions. Aaron currently holds eight Salesforce certifications including Salesforce Certified Data Architect, Sharing & Visibility Architect, Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, Community Cloud Consultant, Platform App Builder, User Experience Designer, Advanced Administrator and Administrator.

He is also the leader of the Lowell, MA Admins Community Group and is a co-organizer of Northeast Dreamin’. Mr. Crear is a frequent speaker, having presented at Dreamforce, Big Sky Dreamin’, Czech Dreamin’, dreamOle’, Florida Dreamin', French Touch Dreamin’, London's Calling, Midwest Dreamin’, North Africa Dreamin', Phillyforce, Snowforce, Southeast Dreamin’, True North Dreamin, YearLeadin’and Salesforce World Tours.

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  1. any reason why they would not make the forecast for custom field only available for unlimited and professional?? I have enterprise and I can only use amount (and as you mentioned we use ARR not amount). This is so dumb not to make it available for every org type.
    what is the work around Aaron. thanks for the post


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