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Two Simple Reports for Faster Data Loads

Data loads are a common task for all admins. We are routinely asked to upload lists of records. These files almost always need to modified or cleansed before we can do this. Some of these modifications can be tedious. Two examples of the are setting record owners and record types. Both of these require us to first retrieve a User ID or Record Type ID, respectively. Generally the files that we are given will have a column for record owner with just text of someones name or the name of the Record Type, which isn’t all we need. A less than ideal way, but often the most common, is to navigate to a specific User or object Record Type record and copy and paste the ID. This can be time consuming depending on the size of your Org. One way to make this process quicker is to create template reports that have this information at the ready.

For the User ID we will use a standard Users report and simply add the User ID column for display. The report will only show a maximum of 2000 rows, so as long as you’re under 2000 Users this solution will work.

On our Lead object we have a standard field which shows the Record Type Name, but we need another to display the actual ID. We’ll use a text formula for this.

Next we will use a standard Leads report to show us the Record Type IDs. Filter this to be All Leads, All Time with no other filters. We then want to group by Lead Record Type and RecordTypeID. Turn off detail rows so that we just see our groupings. Note, if you’re doing a data load to a brand new Record Type you’ll need to create one record first to see the ID in the report.

The formula that we used here is displaying the 15 character case sensitive ID. If you want the 18 character case insensetive version simple change your formula to ‘CASESAFID(RecordType.Id)’.

With these reports it’s much easier to copy and paste the IDs into our file and we always have a way to get this list quickly. You can put these reports into an Admin reports folder or favorite it for quick access. Hope fully this will make your data loads faster in the future.

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Aaron is Founder & Principal at Hat-Trick Consulting. He works with companies around the world to help them achieve their Salesforce goals through administration, development and training services. A former sales director, Mr. Crear has extensive functional and technical expertise translating business requirements to technical solutions. Aaron currently holds eight Salesforce certifications including Salesforce Certified Data Architect, Sharing & Visibility Architect, Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, Community Cloud Consultant, Platform App Builder, User Experience Designer, Advanced Administrator and Administrator.

He is also the leader of the Lowell, MA Admins Community Group and is a co-organizer of Northeast Dreamin’. Mr. Crear is a frequent speaker, having presented at Dreamforce, Big Sky Dreamin’, Czech Dreamin’, dreamOle’, Florida Dreamin', French Touch Dreamin’, London's Calling, Midwest Dreamin’, North Africa Dreamin', Phillyforce, Snowforce, Southeast Dreamin’, True North Dreamin, YearLeadin’and Salesforce World Tours.

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