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Summer ’20 Release Features: Reports and Dashboards

Filter Knowledge Reports by Category

This feature has been long sought for Knowledge users. It allows you to filter reports based on Category. The UI positions the filter in a similar spot as you would add a cross filter. The functionality provides four key options for the filter to return Knowledge article results based on their position within the data category hierarchy:

at – gives you results in the chosen category
above – gives you results above and in the chosen category
below – gives you results below and in the chosen category
above or below – gives you results that are above, below and in the chosen category

In order to use data category filters your report type must contain the Knowledge object.


Attach .csv Files to Report Subscriptions (Beta)

This one is something that people have been waiting for a long while. Row-level data can now be provided via an attached CSV file when a report is subscribed to. One thing to note is that there will be no body of the email. It just provides a subject line and of the report name. This is something that will hopefully be changed once this feature goes GA as it would be preferable to have both the email body as well as the attachment. A new permission is needed for users to have this option ‘Let users attach reports as files to report subscription emails in Lightning experience’. A new button then appears in the subscription UI that gives you the option to attach the file. Since this feature is still in Beta you’ll need to enable the feature from setup.


Enable Enhanced Folder Sharing

Legacy folder sharing is scheduled to be sunset in Winter ‘21. What this means is that user’s ability to existing reports and dashboards is being replaced with new permissions. Once this permission is granted you’ll need to share the folder access level for most standard users. Once enabled users will have view access to report and dashboard folders, with the exception of hidden folders. Additional access level will need to be manually granted for those who need to be able to edit or manage the folders. The main benefits of this functionality are:

  • Similar sharing method based on users, roles and group
  • Ability to share reports and dashboards with individual users
  • Three tiered access level for folders of view, edit and manage

This is one feature that you should definitely test within a sandbox before activating. Once this feature in enabled you cannot revert back.


Work with up to 5 Unique Fields in Row-Level Formulas

Row-level formulas has been one of the most impactful report features in quite some time. This now gets an enhancement to allow you to reference five fields in your formulas, which was previously limited to three.


Build Reports Based on Price Book Entries

We now have the ability to create custom report types with Price Book Entries as the primary object. This will make analyzing products and pricing much easier. Existing reports based on the Product as the primary object can be amended to reference Price Book Entries as the secondary.


Screen Flow Reports

Ever wonder who is using your screen flows or what the status of an interview is? Now you can. A new ‘Sample Flow Report: Screen Flows’ report type and baseline report will be already configured for you and ready to use.


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Aaron is Founder & Principal at Hat-Trick Consulting. He works with companies around the world to help them achieve their Salesforce goals through administration, development and training services. A former sales director, Mr. Crear has extensive functional and technical expertise translating business requirements to technical solutions. Aaron currently holds eight Salesforce certifications including Salesforce Certified Data Architect, Sharing & Visibility Architect, Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, Community Cloud Consultant, Platform App Builder, User Experience Designer, Advanced Administrator and Administrator.

He is also the leader of the Lowell, MA Admins Community Group and is a co-organizer of Northeast Dreamin’. Mr. Crear is a frequent speaker, having presented at Dreamforce, Big Sky Dreamin’, Czech Dreamin’, dreamOle’, Florida Dreamin', French Touch Dreamin’, London's Calling, Midwest Dreamin’, North Africa Dreamin', Phillyforce, Snowforce, Southeast Dreamin’, True North Dreamin, YearLeadin’and Salesforce World Tours.

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